Mud ice press with water separator

Slurry conveyor presses have the advantage of small, low cost, suitable for sludge from the treatment system with aerobic. In order to improve capacity, a water separator was added before adding the slurry.

Water separator in conveyor belt press is made of stainless steel SUS304. Components include: drive motor to help drum rotate. Stainless steel cover SUS304, with lid open. Empty drums are the main part, drums of a cylindrical shape covered by textile netting or triangular bars. In the water tank with the layout of the grid spraying filter.Glue spray is a high-tech equipment, spray nozzles quality spray to create powerful spray spray, spray type: the form of blades , uses less water but produces an evenly distributed film.

With the same conveyor size, pressurized sludge presses with water separators will increase sludge pressures by 50-100%.
Investing in conveyor belt presses Slurry conveyor presses with water separators are an effective investment.