Mud Press – Dryness of mud after pressing – 0918906609
Mud Press – Dryness of mud after pressing – 0918906609.

What do investors expect? Picture dryness of mud after pressing The highest amount of sludge is pressed to minimize weight and volume to minimize the cost of transporting waste. Thien Tao Company\’s silage presses have done this by using pressure and pressure to reduce the volume of liquid from liquid to cake.  

Conveyor belt mud press
Conveyor belt mud press.

Máy ép bùn băng tải là lựa chọn cho giải pháp ép bùn với giá mua máy ép bùn thấp nhất

Waste water treatment plating
Waste water treatment plating.

Plating helps to increase the value of the product. Plating is to add 1 or more layers of metal to the surface of the product. The product may be metal or nonmetal.

Waste water treatment printing – 0918906609
Waste water treatment printing – 0918906609.

As more and more goods are produced, the demand for packaging increases. To increase the value of packaging, printing is an indispensable issue. In the packaging printing industry, waste ink, cleaning machine is a daily problem, because this is the source of environmental pollution. Therefore, printing companies have to have a Waste Water Treatment System